From Italy with Passion – The Mystery of the Moka Pot Explained

Ask me what my caffeinated weapon of choice was a year ago and the answer was simple: English Breakfast Tea. And then I met Kylie. If you’ve already seen an episode of “When Patrick Met Kylie: A Love, of Food, Story” you’ll notice it’s a little like the culinary version of The Great Race and before long my refreshing English tipple wasn’t cutting the mustard.

I’d noticed an interesting correlation between Kylie’s energy levels and the little cups of Italian rocket fuel she downed between scenes, so it wasn’t long before I took the plunge. One espresso at breakfast quickly led to two and as the days grew longer I gradually built myself up to six! Anyone who has tried Italian coffee will know that it’s a world apart from the usual diluted offerings of the multinational coffee chains. Dark, rich and heady – it even tastes amazing in the roadside service stations. But knocking back six coffees a day, or even the average two, means that before long you’re funding the caffeinated equivalent of a second mortgage. And that’s where the Moka Pot comes in.

Beautiful in their iconic Italian design, once you’ve mastered the Moka Pot you can knock out barista quality coffee at a fraction of the usual price. The technique for perfect coffee is utterly simple too – just check out the quick guide above and in a few minutes you’ll be competing with the pros!

Oh, and if you like our two Italian friends then you can see them making Homemade Pasta with Bolognese right here.


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