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Once Upon a Time…

Kylie abandoned a successful career in Australia to go in search of the dolce vita in Italy. In the years that followed she met so many incredible people and learnt so many delicious recipes that she wanted to share it with the world. She pitched an idea for an escapist travel and food show to production companies internationally until finally one day in 2010 a small production house said yes. After a year of scraping together funding and testing Italians for her co-star, they were all set to film. And that’s when Patrick entered the story…

A week before shooting the pilot, Kylie stumbled upon his cooking blog and was curious to know more. He was a dreamer, like her, and he’d left a high-powered job in law to focus on his love of cooking. She wrote Patrick an email, asking him to fly down to Rome that week for a meeting and convince the production company to change the format of the show and use a Brit instead of an Italian. Patrick thought she was crazy, but arrived in Rome in late 2011, hit it off with Kylie, and a week later National Geographic had signed on to fund the pilot.

In 2012 they shot a 13 episode series, which they are now selling to networks all over the world. They spend their time cooking, travelling everywhere from Hong Kong to Mauritius to Provence, and capturing it all for those who share their passion through their production company Stessa Onda Productions.

View the trailer for ‘When Patrick Met Kylie: A Love (of Food) Story’ which airs in over 68 countries.

Kylie Flavell

@Kylie_ Flavell

Seasoned Italophile, journalist, cook and hopeless romantic, Kylie Flavell was a Japanese translator in Japan at 18, became a magazine editor at 22 and added fashion director and magazine publisher to her expertise at 24. She left the office at midnight every night and spent weekends working on opening a Mediterranean restaurant in Melbourne and freelancing for architecture, fashion, travel, business and food publications. But with a weakness for neo-realist Italian cinema and the belief that life really can look like it does in films, she abandoned her highly paid job and an incredible boyfriend to run away to Italy. She now lives in Rome, is fluent in Italian and spends her days cooking, eating, writing and trying to convince others to quit their job and live their dream.

Kylie was awarded the culinary CPIC diploma from Academia Barilla in Parma, an international certification dedicated to Italian & foreign chefs with demonstrated theoretical & practical competencies to become an ambassador of the authentic Italian cuisine. Kylie is editor of Romeing, the leading expat magazine in Italy on how to live, eat and play like a local, and writes a monthly column ‘A Life Romantic‘. She also writes food and travel pieces for sites and publications in Canada, Australia, Italy and the UK, such as How to Do Capri for the Toronto Star and How To Look Less Like a Tourist in Italy for Qantas Travel Insider. Kylie was a co-host for a local Italian TV program on art and culture, and more recently, the host and producer of Telelatino’s TV program ‘When in Rome’, showing Canada her favorite places to eat and live the dolce vita. ‘When in Rome’ is now in its second season. She is the creator of the show ‘When Patrick Met Kylie: A Love (of Food) Story’ and was series producer, organizing all contacts, recipes and locations. She’s the creator, writer, producer, cameraman, host and editor of Kylie and Patrick’s latest Italian comedy cooking series: Amore Al Dente. She then decided to take on the challenge of being a solo host, producer, cameraman and video editor and created the travel series ‘When in Florence’ completely alone. She is now doing the same for the series ‘When in Amalfi’, which airs in prime time in 2014.

Having grown up living onboard a yacht in a family of greedy eaters, she learned how to cook in a galley and can roll pastry and chop garlic in confined spaces and high seas. Kylie is co-director and founder of Stessa Onda Productions. She is currently writing a recipe book with her nutritionist sister Shannon called THE DOLCE VITA DIET and a narrative non-fiction memoir about abandoning a seemingly perfect life, following her dreams, falling in love and proving pragmatists wrong…

Patrick Drake


From the world’s most powerful investment bank to the world’s most respected restaurant Patrick Drake’s journey has been anything but conventional.

Though food was a passion from day one, education took Patrick through Oxford Law School before he wound up on the hallowed steps of Goldman Sachs.

But London’s corporate conveyor belt never really gripped his imagination and so began a secret double life. Lunchtimes hiding out with the chefs in his firm’s fine dining restaurant, evenings in the kitchen of The Cuckoo Club in Mayfair and weekends with the team at institutional Borough Market restaurant Brindisa.

After a stint at the Fat Duck in Bray he couldn’t pretend to love his day job any longer and jettisoned the rat race to pursue his love of food full time.

Nowadays he is the head chef of the highly successful grocery delivery service Hello Fresh ( and teaches thousands of people a day to cook using his Youtube channel “The 60 Second Chef”. He contributes regularly to Women’s Health and The Huffington Post. When he’s not in the kitchen Patrick is a food writer, presenter, marketeer and all round nomadic gannet.


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